Original Boulder Opal


Boulder is a great alternative to two other basic types of opals: black and white. Most often in jewelry stores this gem is sold in the form of a small boulder of arbitrary shape. With its individual appearance, it compares favorably with black and white opals, which are usually cut round or pear-shaped.

Familiar geometric shapes

In the loose outlines of the boulder, you are unlikely to find familiar geometric shapes, but this does not reduce its attractiveness. Another distinctive feature is its rough surface and slight flatness. Most often, the boulder has a facet called a cabochon, which is translated from French as “head”. This processing technique improves the color characteristics of the stone, allowing light rays to pass through the surface with maximum visual effect.

Boulder opal most often has wavy faces that lie on the mother rock – dark brown iron ore. This means that it will require a special skill of the jeweler to cut it, because most often opals are given an oval shape uncharacteristic for cabochons.

There is a separate version of this stone called matrix opal. It is found in iron ore deposits, where veins, cracks and depressions are filled with noble opal. When boulders of iron ore crack under the influence of a bulldozer or a heavy hammer, then the opals are on both sides of the split.

Matrix opal can fill the rock in the most chaotic and haphazard way. In fact, they are simply cut out of the rock and then polished. And then beautiful pendants and pendants are made of them.

The boulder is much heavier than the black or white opal cacholong because of the high content of its parent rock – iron ore, which makes it difficult to make jewelry from this stone, say, rings and earrings. Very often, exquisite pendants, trinkets, pendants and even massive souvenirs are made of especially large and beautiful designs.

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