Opal and its inner universe


At first glance, an opal may not seem very attractive to someone, but if you put it under a light source and turn it around, it will sparkle with a lot of lights, revealing to you the whole universe, from which it is difficult to take your eyes off. As if by magic, an ordinary soft stone turns into a precious one, although the explanation for this diva is quite earthy. This stone is porous, it has a large percentage of water content, which is why light, refracted through the inner layers of the stone, plays inside in different shades.

History of opal

It is not surprising that, due to its unusual property of reflecting light, for many years, opals were considered magic stones with magical and very valuable properties. Unfortunately, in the XVIII century, people began to perceive them as unhappy and promising trouble, and in combination with the fact that a very large accumulation of opals was found in Australia, the price of these stones collapsed. Jewelers also instantly cooled to disgrace, so for some time jewelry with this stone was practically not made.

Types of Opals

Nowadays, opals are no longer considered unlucky stones. For everyone, he again became a natural miracle of amazing beauty. There is a common opal – solid stone. You can still find a doublet, it costs more. The doublet is an opal layer covering another stone, most often quartz. A triplet is an opal layer above a layer of less valuable opal covering a quartz core. Two spliced ​​stones will cost you less, but you need to check it. Obviously, the composite will be more susceptible to damage or cracks, and since there are cavities in them, they can deteriorate greatly when water enters the cracks. Therefore, they should be selected with great care. In addition, there are also many types of artificial or laboratory opal.

There are a great many shades of opal: from the color of the moonless sky to sparkling white as snow.Opal is a very soft stone, so when buying jewelry from it, make sure that it is well fixed and polished. There should be no chips or cracks on the surface. This is especially true for rings, they usually use the largest samples. According to the modern chart of stones, opal is suitable for people born in October. However, as practice shows, stones should be chosen based on inner sympathy. If at first glance you fell in love with opal – do not think, immediately take it! This is your stone! An excellent gift will be a ring, earrings or even a whole necklace with an opal suspension. Bracelets and brooches with this stone also look beautiful.

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