How to choose a diamond jewelry


Diamond jewelry is always relevant and often becomes family heirlooms: mother’s engagement rings are given to daughters, fathers give cufflinks to sons. That is why it is important to know how to choose a diamond jewelry, because it will have to serve more than one generation.

Jewelry stores today offer a fairly wide range of diamond products, including earrings, pendants, rings, brooches, necklaces … It is very difficult to immediately determine the model of the necessary jewelry, but it is important to remember that considerable attention should be paid to the quality of the stone. To do this, experts advise you to immediately pay attention to the price tag. Seeing there an attractive, but too low price, you should not rejoice, but beware – real diamonds are not cheap. Also, do not buy exotic labels “made in Thailand” or “made in Indonesia.” Immediately check the availability of such a manufacturer through the Internet, most likely, a search will show that it simply does not exist. But the price tag, where it says “made in Russia” and the characteristics of the stone are clearly indicated, is worthy of attention, because we have some of the best diamonds in the world, it is a fact recognized by all.

Buying diamonds online

Buying diamonds online is always necessary only in trusted stores with a reliable reputation. There are such ones both in real life and on the Internet, for example, BestGold jewelry store. Here, sellers, professionals who can give the necessary practical advice on choosing a model, and the documents (guarantees, quality certificates, etc.) are in order.

Do not be surprised if you see in the display case with diamond products not white stones in jewelry, but yellowish or pinkish. This is normal, because diamonds are not only in the form of transparent white crystals, their color palette even reaches an almost black tint.

The size of a diamond also does not always determine its price.

For example, a small pebble in a ring can cost several times more than an analog of a large size in the same decoration or in a pendant. It’s all about the quality of the stone and the cut. When processing, unfortunately, diamonds often lose their luster, which is so highly regarded by jewelers.
The jewelry uses diamonds of the form “marquise”, “princess”, “heart”, “pear-shaped”, but most often you can find a round diamond.

When choosing jewelry, do not hesitate to arm yourself with a magnifying glass, it will help to consider the tiniest flaws that are often hidden under the rim. Examine the stone from the top face, making it easier to see scratches, stains and blotches. And only after a thorough inspection of the product, a conversation with the seller and studying the documents, it is worth making the final decision on the acquisition of jewelry.

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