What to meet in 2020: tips for girls and women


Before all the girls on New Year’s Eve, the question arises: how to dress up for the holiday, so that the symbol of the coming year can be “appeased” and look better than everyone else?

The main question

The main question: what color should the festive attire be? Everything is simple here: 2019 has been declared the Year of the Yellow Pig, which means that you can safely put on yellow dresses and suits. Different shades of yellow are also welcome: gold, mustard, sand, lemon. Girls who do not suit the yellow color can be recommended to try on dresses or suits of brown, green, terracotta and ocher colors.

You can safely forget about modest outfits: The pig loves that everything shines and sparkles. If you are still in search of clothing for the holiday, then feel free to choose dresses with sequins, lurex or trimmed with rhinestones.

Black dresses will also be a great New Year’s outfit, but do not forget about bright accessories: golden rings, earrings with semiprecious or precious stones, an elegant clutch with rhinestones.

Speaking of jewelry. Yellow gold bracelets and necklaces are the trend of the season. If the soul does not lie to this shade of gold, then you can pick up yellow stones in a silver frame. Amber, citrine, tourmaline, zircon and jasper are an excellent choice. Large rings, earrings and pendants with these inserts will definitely please the Yellow Pig.

Now we will solve the issue with the style of the New Year’s dress. A fluffy dress with sleeves, “flashlights” and a voluminous hem is too much, it is better to choose an outfit with either large sleeves or a spectacular hem. Fitted dresses, especially those made of shiny fabrics, or long velvet dresses, will be very good. It should be borne in mind that velvet is quite “capricious” and accessories for such a dress need to be selected very carefully. Brooches are ideal, with which you can also fasten the hem and decorate the neckline.

In the New Year you can try on those dresses that you would never wear in everyday life: dresses of an unusual cut, with non-standard elements and details, as well as dresses with a deep neckline or neckline on the back.

If you decide to get along with an outfit in the form of a blouse and a skirt, then the skirt should be multi-layered, and the blouse should have ruffles or ruffles on the bottom. Of course, do not forget about their color and the compatibility of styles among themselves.

And finally, let’s talk about the fabric from which the New Year’s outfit is made.¬†Forget about denim or knitwear: a holiday involves light and beautiful fabrics.¬†Dresses and skirts made of velvet, silk, chiffon – this is the best solution for the New Year.

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