The 5 most fashionable jewelry this summer in the ethno style


The summer season is a favorite time of all fans of ethnic style. It is in the warm season that light flying skirts and dresses, blouses with unusual decor, flared jeans and all kinds of tunics look especially romantic. If we consider the style of “ethno” and “boho”, we can see that in this direction the main role is played not only by the appropriate clothing, but also by accessories. They are designed to both emphasize the features of the image, and attract attention, as a completely self-sufficient thing. We will talk about them in our article.

So, which of the ornaments in ethnic style will be relevant in the summer and with what items of clothing do stylists recommend combining them?

1. Beads

Beads made of wood or various gems (large and small) have become popular this year not only among admirers of “boho”. This jewelry perfectly complements feminine dresses, and also looks great with denim items.

This season, take a look at the beads of geometric shapes, voluminous jewelry, as well as products that contain many tiers of small multi-colored or plain beads.

2. Leather bracelets

Leather bracelets are also an integral attribute of ethnic style in the fashion world. This summer, wrist jewelry made of thin leather straps decorated with beads, stones or wooden beads will be especially popular. A cool addition to the bracelet will be an insert in the form of some Slavic symbol.

Do not be afraid to decorate your hands with several copies at once, this style is such a maneuver that only welcomes.

Leather bracelets will look good with clothes made of denim, velvet and chiffon.

3. Layered necklaces

Layered necklaces – a luxurious addition to minimalist outfits! Choose models decorated with large stones, possibly even containing a “fringe” of small beads or including decor from beads.

This necklace will go well with dresses of various lengths and volumes that do not contain a plentiful print and do not differ in flashy colors. Well, if you want to create an evening look without departing from the canons of your favorite style, you can complement this adornment with long earrings and a turban.

4. Earrings with semiprecious stones

Jewelry from stones this year is especially relevant, which cannot but please lovers of ethnicity. Buy earrings with large or small stones that will be combined with your main wardrobe. Especially interesting look jewelry with turquoise, agate, pomegranate and chrysolite, thanks to their unusual bright colors.

5. Ethnic patterned scarf

Another topical accessory this year is a scarf. What does this season stylists advise not only to tie him on his head, but also to decorate bags, backpacks, wear instead of a belt and wear it as a bracelet on his hand. It is allowed to wear even several scarves with different designs at the same time. From the drawings on the fabric, oriental patterns, an “animal” print, bright flowers and unusual geometric ornaments will be in fashion. By the way, bright brooches will become an excellent addition to shawls and scarves from jewelry, we recommend that you pay special attention to them.

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