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For many, a woman’s business style is associated primarily with the dullness and everyday life that is characteristic of the world of business and business meetings. It can be described in a few words and at the same time not to be mistaken – strictly, principally and emphasized. This style may seem very dull and gray, but it is not. To ensure that business style is not a standard of dullness and dullness, a woman can wear an original suit, a stylish blouse, beautiful shoes and, of course, her favorite jewelry.

Let us dwell on jewelry, because the lion’s share of a beautiful business style is in their hands. A business woman must adhere to the basic rule – wear no more than three jewelry. If a woman is the owner of a wedding ring, then it is also considered. Then it remains to pick up a couple more jewelry. It can be earrings and a pendant. At the same time, the pendant, unlike earrings and rings, is able to more clearly emphasize individuality.

So, what you need to remember when choosing a pendant:

1. Choose according to the principle of “quality first”. Only pendants made at the highest level! Counterfeits to the originals or “clumsy” and rough work should be avoided.
2. Business style implies elegance. Therefore, do not stop your choice on pendants with bright stones, using colored enamel, as well as on wooden, plastic or textile pendants.
3. The simpler the better. A lot of curls, complex elements or a lot of decorative details – this is not about business style, this is about evening dresses.

Remember that a pendant with several decorative elements can treacherously jingle during a business meeting or meeting, which is not very good. Also do not forget that the pendant should be worn on a chain that should not be too long. Otherwise, you will experience discomfort while working with office equipment or documents.

Avoid wearing religious pendants (cross, crescent, star of David, etc.), as well as wearing all kinds of zodiac signs, angels or hearts. This is not the rule of business style.

Properly combine a pendant with a chain. It is not good if these two objects are made of metals of different colors. Such a combination is permissible only when the pendant is made of a combination of metals of several colors, one of which fits the chain.

Taking into account these simple recommendations, you can emphasize your business style and make it impeccable.

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