Diamond Girdle

Diamond Girdle

If you are shopping for a diamond, one of the important terms that you might find helpful when choosing a diamond is the girdle. The girdle is a major part of the diamond and is characterized as being the outer edge of a diamond. For many people that purchase a Round Brilliant Cut diamond, the girdle is very easy to see.

However, it is important to note that the characteristics of a girdle will affect the look of a diamond. Usually the girdle can come in many sizes from extremely thin to extremely thick with about 6 different stages in between. If you are purchasing a diamond, it is important to note that the best looking diamonds usually fall within very thin to very thick with the classification of medium being the best.

If you have your diamond appraised by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), they will denote the girdle thickness characteristic. For instance, a girdle that is medium in thickness might be denoted as M, MD, ME. A girdle with a very thin characteristic may be denoted as VTN, VETN or VT. 

Diamonds come with different types of girdles. The three types are: faceted, which are faces of the diamond which are cut, polished smooth, or standard which have a granular or grainy appearance. No specific type of girdle makes the diamond more valuable, however it is more work for a jeweler to facet the girdle. If you are purchasing a diamond in the near future, keep in mind the importance of the girdle.

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